Fearless is an Action word!

Val picMy friend Valerie is a woman I aspire to be and facing Cancer head on is a feat in itself let alone a very substantial time in recovery to continue to practice the things we do daily to recover. Valerie is a survivor and her daily commitment to the big things and the little things to practice being fearless is a an action she takes daily.

What do they say “a day clean is a day won” Valerie shares herself and her struggle with the ones she loves and the ones she has mentored along the way and the message is clear ” that you can face Everything and Recover “FEAR”

We asked Valerie over a year ago to share her story with us and I think its a great message to share with you all and for her we can share the energy of doing everything to live and live free of addiction and Cancer.

I love her and everything that she stands for!!

Fuck Cancer!!!


Valerie’s Story:

Being in a family that for generations struggled with addiction and mental health issues I grew up with a distorted sense of my own value and self-worth. There was a definite shortage of healthy female role models available that could demonstrate for me, what healthy self-esteem looked like or to provide me with the tools for achieving, striving or dreaming of being the best person I could be.
I spent most of my life settling – settling in my relationships, settling in educational goals and accomplishments and not even attempting to dream of becoming someone when I looked in the mirror,I could really be proud of. I figured I was destined to follow the same path of those that I watched destroy their life with drugs and alcohol. And I proceeded to do just that.
It wasn’t until in my late 20’s that I was afforded the gift of talking to another woman who suggested to me, a way out of the self-destructive life that I had been living. Yes, it was another woman that spoke to me about the possibility of freedom from active addiction and freedom from that negative sense of self that has plagued me for most of my life. I really wanted a different life for my children. I wanted to break the cycle of addiction in my family. I wanted my two daughters to grow up with the belief that they could accomplish anything that they set their mind to, and know others would support and believe in them. Due to my daughters being raised by a mother modelling for them what it means to live healthy, have loving relationships, achieve educational goals and continue to dare to dream, the cycle of addiction is now broken. I have survived many things in my lifetime such as; poverty, abuse, stigma, addiction, mental health issues, physical illness, grief and loss. Living life in recovery does not exempt a person from life’s challenges. I have spent that last year, going through one of the hardest times in my recovery, the loss of a love.
I found my soul mate later in life, when I was able to truly experience the ability to love and be loved by another human being other than my own children. My husband, the love of my life, was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer that eventually took his life. Due to the tools that I have gained as a woman recovering from addiction, and the strong relationships I have built with other woman in my life, I was able to walk through this tremendous grief and loss with dignity and grace. In the midst of it all, I was able to realize one of my life long dreams, to be one of the first in my family for generations, to pursue their formal education and complete a Masters degree. I had the ability to show up for my loved ones, be present and accounted for, not act out in ways that would hurt myself and/or others, and be able to survive my emotions.
Throughout this process I have been a living example for others, sharing my thoughts and feelings, with the knowledge that my experience may some day help another human being. It didn’t take my pain away, but it provided me with the comfort to get through that day, and another, and another. As I consider, what it means to have freedom, true freedom, I am reminded of where I come from, and the life lessons that I have learned along the way as I continue to change and grow. I have survived a life event that at times seemed almost too much to bear. These matters of the heart have been life changing, and have been opportunities that show me change is possible. That is the definition of freedom to me, having the freedom to change and grow. I have gained the freedom to become the best version of myself.

Written by Valerie K.

Family needs help too!

CM picCase Management and Consulting Services are a way of collaboration and navigating the recovery system by accessing community resources that suit the individual and family’s needs. Meeting with the family at scheduled times in person or ( teleconference if needed) to continue the road of recovery for the family.

These services include:

•Educate the family about addiction and recovery
•Facilitate the interruption of active addiction during the intervention with your loved one
•Help the addict/alcoholic see how addiction is destroying their life and the lives of the people around them
•Guide families in navigating the treatment process
•Provide Case Management services to your loved one from the beginning of their recovery
•Create a “Recovery Plan” that will include detox, residential treatment, outpatient, structured sober living and transitional services based on the family insurance and personal financial resources available
•Ongoing Recovery Coaching for the family and the addict/alcoholic

Because substance abuse comes with a complex set of circumstances and treatment needs, practitioners recognize the need for continued and complex treatment and support. This makes case management a valuable tool in ensuring that those seeking and receiving treatment for substance abuse and addiction have lasting positive outcomes.

There has been a fair amount of research identifying best practices and successful strategies for substance abuse case management. .

Successful substance abuse case management recognizes that substance abuse and relapse from treatment are the product of complex forces and factors in an individual’s life. Starting off strong builds a foundation for addressing those forces and factors throughout treatment and services. For more information about substance abuse and mental health services and case management