25 Tiny Habit Changes That Will Make You A Different Person In A Year From Now | Thought Catalog

25 Tiny Habit Changes That Will Make You A Different Person In A Year From Now | Thought Catalog
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Teen Insights into Drugs, Alcohol, and Nicotine: A National Survey of Adolescent Attitudes Toward Addictive Substances | Center on Addiction

For over 25 years, Center on Addiction has conducted national surveys of teens with the goal of helping parents better understand the experiences, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of their adolescent children in relation to nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs.
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McGill University offers free online financial literacy course ‘for everybody’

(NOTE: for more information on this course, contact McGill University directly) With the Christmas shopping season entering the final stretch, Canada’s leading university in partnership with the country’s largest bank and one of the most influential newspapers are offering a free online course to help Canadians with their post-Christmas financial hangover. The financial literacy course…
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A year in review 2019

How do you define success from Intervention ?

Well I can tell you this year had been an incredible year professionally and personally for Interventions On Demand. We are so fortunate to have your confidence in our approach to influencing change.

34 Intervention’s in 2019 , so the treatment outcomes are speaking for themselves!

The centres I refer to were able to help all but one complete primary treatment. The transition from primary treatment also has made an impact on these clients sustaining their recovery. 

4 outpatient

7 youth

11 adult woman

12 adult males

And also 20 private counselling clients that were not ready for treatment but engaged in services and including family involvement.

The year started out with many families desperately wanting help for their loved ones , to gain some understanding and get the proper help needed.

Interventions On Demand was able to help these families by providing comprensive care,

(Case management). A model of care that includes families wanting to get better as a whole and the addicted loved one to get the proper help in a confusing system at best.

At Interventions On Demand we help navigate the system of care and referrals to the best practice outcome for each individual. 

We really appreciate the centres and programs that accommodate these referrals. I have great relationships to programs that have credentials to meet the needs of our clients. Best practice for Intervention is to provide three best options for treatment in every case we work with, The family assessment we do is only the beginning of the story and we want to make sure we understand the needs of the client and the proper referral.

This year has been a busy year also for helping communities of practice.

September kicked off Recovery Month and 30,000 people filled the streets of New Westminster with over 150 vendors. What a great definition of success.

We were able to participate in the Recovery Capital Conference 2019 and were asked to moderate the. “just say know tour with “New York Times” best selling author for his book ” Beautiful Boy” David Sheff. He is a wonderful man making a huge impact across North America with his story and personal journey trying to understand the navigation of healthcare for addiction and mental health. The conference team had a great time travelling across Canada with many experts and getting to know them personally. Nuno Capaz from Portugal was inspiring to hear how Portugal has made huge system changes to their population with the implementation of decriminalization and dissuasion for people with addiction and mental health.

What a great opportunity to meet families in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

The dialogue was very well received and the creation of a recovery capital assessment tool is in the making as we speak, so we thank all of the participation and the important feedback from families that are really struggling and also each of these provinces for help for their dearest loves in their lives. I was left feeling purposeful and know what I need to do . David Sheff mentioned to me that I need to write a book and that has been the next venture from the conference and the tour, is families could really benefit from a book that helps them navigate the healthcare system better and to also help them understand what are some of the things they can do to prevent addiction in the family.  What do you do when you’re facing addiction in the home.

In October we were asked to provide training for a women’s program up in Kelowna and it was well received we provided training in cultural safety, recovery capital assessment, motivational interviewing and self-care into a two day training with Jessica Cooksey from LastDoor Recovery Society and myself.

In November we ramped up for the community project we participate in “Hockey helps the homeless” where we participate and gain support through donations to help homeless individuals and programs, it was so exciting!

I was asked to spend the day with Daniel and Henrik Sedin as thier Ambassador!

In December we started a campaign to support kids in revovery and started a campaign of giftgiving to children of people in treatment called http://www.recoverykids.Ca

This year we are going to ramp that initiative to helping with some education for kids and possible bursaries for kids needing help, whether they are kids in recovery or kids of parents that are in recovery. More to come!!

I am so excited to be able to participate in the giving back portion of our work and our commitment to find ways to help people that cannot afford treatment and/or important life needs. 

Interventions On Demand thanks all of the people that work with us , the coaches that help our team and all of the counsellors as well!’

We are a committed organization that continues to look at expansion in the next few years to provide more education for families and more opportunities to have Intervention available on a sliding scale.

We provide free consultation for anyone who has questions or wants to talk about their family in confidence.

We wish you a wonderful safe New Year’s and a prosperous healing, loving, connection with your loved ones!

Thanks 🙏 For allowing us to be part of this journey

Linda and Dan