Addiction: A Whole New View | Psychology Today

Addiction: A Whole New View | Psychology Today
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CERB does’nt help everyone!!

I don’t know about you but the families I talk to everyday are lost and cannot deal with the loved ones in their life and addiction taking its toll. The families that are watching their kids get $2000 every month on CERB and continue to use. They mostly don’t even qualify and don’t care if there would be consequences. But we know that that’s not a reality in today’s world of “lets just not care what happens” and some die to the disease of addiction because it is a time when parents don’t have a voice.

The federal government has said it made applying for the CERB as simple as possible in order to ensure Canadians in need get their payments quickly. Applicants are required only to answer a few questions and certify they are telling the truth. Word that CERB money was easy to get “spread, as you can imagine, like wildfire through a population that is severely addicted. For the people that needed it and it helped you , that’s great but it breaks my heart to see mothers losing their children to drugs is a pain that I can’t describe.

A former liberal reached out to political contacts at both the federal and provincial levels to warn that CERB payments and other financial supports could be playing a role in the spike in overdose deaths. He said he’s seen no public evidence of action by either level of government on his criticisms of the CERB program.

Lake, who was part of a previous Liberal government that officially declared opioid addiction as a public health emergency in B.C., said he’s hearing regularly from social workers that CERB money is wreaking havoc among drug users.”I really haven’t seen a reaction publicly to say, ‘Yes, we’re aware of this problem, yes, these are some of the steps we’re going to take to try and ensure we’re not adding gasoline to [the] fire,” he said. Lake pointed out that B.C. has seen more people die of overdoses than of COVID-19, but the pandemic has provoked a far stronger government response than the opioid crisis.

“It clearly appears that some lives matter more than others,” said Lake.

So what can parents do?

Get educated.

Whether you have just discovered your child’s drug problem or have already placed your son or daughter in a drug rehab program, the importance of education is paramount. There are many misconceptions surrounding the disease of addiction, and as a parent of an addict, it is ever-important to understand that your son or daughter did not choose this path. While he or she may have made the initial choice to use drugs, your child did not choose to become an addict. Addiction affects a user’s brain, how they think and feel, how they make decisions, and how they handle impulse and self-control.

By educating yourself, you will also get a better understanding for your son or daughter’s journey. What triggered this drug use to begin with? Know that as a parent you did not cause it. Is there underlying mental issues that your child is facing, too? What is the best type of addiction treatment for your teen? Sometimes kids are influenced by peers and avoidance of family is the cool thing to do and to rebel are trophies they carry to their friends. Just know your kids love you , you are their parents!

Finally, educate yourself not only on the signs of addiction, but also on how you, as a parent, can address them.

Contact me for a free consultation or reach out to some other parent groups that deal with this pain everyday.

Don’t give up on telling your kids you love them anyway but want them to get well!





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