1969146_10152256746900498_1384919852_n“Hi there fellow bloggers and advocates of life”

Addiction needs to be a big part of the conversation as life evolves and families are impacted in severe ways by this disease.

My contribution to society is to share myself and  lessens learned in hopes of transparency and engagement to impact social change on the future of our children, grandchildren and loved ones.

I have worked in the field of healthcare for twenty years and have seen the destruction that addiction has and can have on the most amazing people in this world. I have worked with the most vulnerable to the most influential people in society and the common challenge is the need for an understanding on how addiction evolves and impacts our lives.

If you ask any person ” has addiction and addictive behavior affected you or any one you know?” They would tell you yes!

This blog is a start to what I hope becomes the conversations needed to keep addiction at the forefront of priority in our lives. To understand, fight, and accept help when resources are getting thinner in our governments eyes and to hear from you what do you think is important to understand.

Blog on !!

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