Research shows that addicts confronted via intervention are more likely to enter treatment, though success rates vary based on intervention style. Newer intervention models are more effective than the traditional Johnson method, with success rates of 75 percent to 83 percent.

Comprehensive care is where I meet with the whole family regularly and talk about what they want to talk about, and how they can communicate the issues in a healthy manner. The family needs help and the substance use or addiction is a very small part of the family story.

As the Arise model is a very research sound approach it is based on : Using a compassionate Invitational Intervention is a gradually-escalating process of respectful, gentle family meetings, that leads your loved one into appropriate treatment and recovery. Your addicted loved one is invited to join the process right from the beginning with no surprises, no secrets, no coercion, and absolute respect and love.

This is directed towards getting the addicted loved one into treatment with the least possible effort through a loving, compassionate and non-blaming way. The support system is mobilized to form a committed family team to motivate the addicted individual into treatment.

In comparison with other intervention methods, Fernandez, Begley, & Marlatt (2006) found that ARISE works best because:
  • The Intervention Network remains involved in collaboration throughout intervention, treatment & early recovery
  • The process relies on the inherent strength, motivation, and resilience of the family
  • The focus is on individual AND family recovery and healing
  • Individuals are invited and motivated to enter and participate actively in treatment


I am a professional that likes to see families get well and stay well!!


Linda CIP

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