ADSThe opioid crisis is taking the lives of 115 people every day.

A certified  interventionist can guide you through the process of your intervention, and professional guidance can help defuse tensions and increase the probability of success. Ultimately, you cannot force someone who doesn’t want help to seek it. Advanced planning and sticking to your plan, though, can improve your chances of success.

Interventions On Demand CEO Linda Lane Devlin has been supporting families struggling with substance use for over 20 years. An intervention can be emotionally exhausting and even a bit scary, but it’s often the only thing that works to finally convince addicts to seek help. There was a time in my career that I considered getting a person into treatment a great success but I’ve learned over the years that this is actually the easiest part of my job. The real challenge is working with the families. Families need to learn a life without addiction and for what’s become uncomfortable to not deal with needs to be relearned and families need to start to rebuild their family with a new light and continue to be recovering from the loved ones addiction as well. Why create an intervention for just one person when the whole family is hurting and needing help? I consider it a successful intervention when I have a family who is looking at their caretaking and enabling behaviors and at their own relationships with the addict and asking themselves, “How did we get here?” “What is my part in this?” “What can I change in me that will benefit my life and my family?” and its difficult to see it that way when the evidence of destruction is right in the forefront. Addicted persons and families are usually engaged in a sophisticated and deadly dance but when family members decide to change the ways they interact with troubled members, addicts will shift their behavior in return.

I begin the process with a family assessment that doesn’t include the addicted person. Once we commit to working together as a team, with the family agreeing to follow recommended directions–even when it is painful and counter intuitive–I support them in how to talk to the addicted loved one and explain what the intervention will be. The addicted person may not be ready for change but the family is, and with or without them, we are moving forward.

I remember when I personally hit the bottom there were some family members that I detached from as it was too difficult and there were friends and a family that really cared for me and my children enough to warn me of the outcome and my shame kept me from facing that too. I wish when I was younger that someone had intervened on me and how my life could have been better if I had the resources to stop then. No regrets though as my life is perfect it its imperfection and I am grateful to be alive in it.

Contact me for a consultation that is free and I will do what I can to help. Even if its just to share resources that are out there that you might not be aware of.





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