picAfter the Intervention my practice includes a very strong recommendation that there is more work to do. My experience in counselling families and addicts has shown that the more you stay involved as a navigator, supporter, counselor, the better the chance of sustainable change and healing happens.

Families and partners play a major role in the progression of every addiction. Behind every major addict is a major codependent, and the main thrust of my job is to collapse the codependent inter-family structures that allow addiction to progress. The truth is, families don’t have to wait for their addicted relatives to finally decide to change their lives. They have power–lots of power–to influence the lives and decisions of their loved one. It is true that you cannot change a person, but trust me when I say that change can certainly be encouraged. Addicts and families are usually engaged in a sophisticated and deadly dance but when family members decide to change the ways they interact with troubled members, addicts will shift their behavior in return.

I’ve come to understand that underneath the massive weight of addiction is a lost, hurting, terrified, good and decent person. And I believe the skill of a great interventionist is to be able to access that person quickly and effectively.  It is my job not just to get addicts help but also to inspire change and it’s my calling to ignite the small flicker of light that is buried deep within every addict and the family I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

Building an aftercare plan for the family is work I am very passionate about and I strongly believe if the family commits to change as well the addict will do better and it takes shame away.

I have a few families that say their aftercare plan was what saved the family and when you as an addiction specialist provide the case management they need, they have even said they feel that they have a “family nanny“ which is a very big compliment in my opinion.

What a great feeling for families to feel they are a team to recover!


Interventions On Demand CEO





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