Leaving the convention centre today was a mix of many emotions . I have needed to voice my values about being clean for over 22 years because we are an anonymous program and lately feel that being clean we are told is an anomaly which is total bullshit and I can show you why.

The convention of over 20’000 people recovering together from all around the world speaks for itself and is possible for EVERYONE

We were there to hear the stories the miracles in every single persons life to have freedoms from active addition and the message was clear – how can we do better to influence new people coming to the program no matter what condition or medication they are on. We brainstormed as well on the need for clarity statements and Information pamphlets on replacement therapy and NA today’s current response to help new comers feel safe to recover no matter what. And we as members can stay to our value of an abstinent program helping influence members that they could take a leap to abstinence with the love of the fellowship. made me proud




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