I never want to be the service provider in the field that says I don’t go to meetings anymore. They are full of clients and how can I share???

That would be dangerous thinking for me. I have built a beautiful life and thrived as a professional because of the hard work to continue to learn and demonstrate the very work we try to provide for others. I know at times I need to be Discreet as not everyone will hire you based on your past.

I know it’s hard to find the time but time found me and almost destroyed everything in my life.

There is always a meeting you can make work for you. And my recovery journey has always been about 12 steps and helping others. Wordsmith analysts say 12 steps is form of the CBT cognitive behavioural therapy!

I am headed to the NA world convention and so excited to meet 20,000 people from across the world who love NA as much as we do.

Then come home to Recovery day bc 2018. Where the energy alone inspires families to want what we have.

Love sharing Recovery with as many families I can.


#interventions #stay


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