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  1. This was the 1st time I’ve been to recovery day.There was so much information and so many nice helpful people.It was a great experience and helpful for me to share with others that are still suffering because I didn’t know where to go when I first came in .Thank you for this experience and I will be back next year

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  2. My experience at Recovery Day BC was amazing. It was short lived as I had to work most of the day. However the energy, the love and most all the fellowship I experienced was phenomenal. SO GRATEFUL TO BE RECOVERING TODAY!!

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  3. This year’s recovery day has been the best yet. I love seeing how empowering being a part of recovery has become to so many people. I liked seeing how many booths there were with information on not just 12 step recovery but spiritual healing and health related issues that tend to come along with drug addiction, family help, etc. I feel like this year is going to make a big impact on some changes in recovery options in our province!

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  4. I also, have never been to a Recovery day, myself.
    It was AMAZING!!! The ramafacation of my old addictions hit me, I began to be at peace with myself.
    I was not “bad” I was unwell.
    Thank God and the people who created AA I’m HEALED!!!
    Recovery day was another Amazing blessing!


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