Interventions On Demand

When to Intervene for a Loved One

It is a scary time in todays drug using and alcohol drinkers too are being subjected to the drug scene and when you are inebriated it is difficult to not try what everyone else is trying : a little line wont hurt right WRONG!!!. So many overdoses right now are people that are not everyday drug users. We as loved ones need to pay attention and educate our families on the signs and risks attached to what is happening more too often now.

It can be hard to approach someone struggling with addiction. Although friends or loved ones mean well, they might not know what to say. The person might also deny that they have a drug or alcohol problem, making open conversation difficult.

Outward signs someone is struggling might include:
Secretive behavior
Borrowing money
Aggressive behavior
Deterioration of physical appearance
Lack of energy or motivation
Problems at work or school
Health issues
Many people with an addiction also struggle with other problems, like depression , eating disorders etc…

The time to act is now even if you don’t see it that bad now call us and we can help educate families on whether intervention is needed. We want to save lives and educate families to fight the growing addictions and the occasional users that could be at risk.

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