Intervention On Demands Recovery Coach Dan D

Keeping NA strong

Dan started his recovery 21 years ago and has not had to look back , amazing memories, shark dives and stories of his adventures and his childlike banter make you want him in your life. It didn’t start that way as for many of us seeing the pain in his families eyes wondering if he was ever going to change. He has worked very hard to stay in the middle of Narcotics Anonymous and is a proud member today. He has had the same home group and at times has helped keep the meeting alive and going when members were too thin to consider closing the meeting. Dan describes his recovery every Saturday night at his home group, a meeting that some nights is full of the most vulnerable DTES addicts trying desperately to find hope. Dan shares his life like an open book and really loves helping other addicts recover a day at a time. Every week night Dan is on the phone or meeting up with a sponcee to share his experience , strength and hope. Today Dan sponsors many men through the 12 steps and they are heartfelt when they say they love him. He is a great example.

Dan is a part of his family today with amazing relationships with his siblings and poking fun at his nephews on any given visit. He is proud to have this second chance at life and it shows in how he lives and loves. They are so proud of him too!

As a husband I couldn’t ask for a better friend and loving father to my daughters and the best Grandfather to his grandchildren. We are so lucky Dan that you got clean!!


Interventions On Demand




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