Best report card you can get from a family

“Our family life was in a state of chaos. Our 17 year old son was an addict and we had no control. It was strange for me as a teacher and now an administrator in the school system to be powerless over what was happening in our lives. I could provide support and encouragement to 30 students in a classroom and manage a staff but couldn’t help my son. I didn’t have the skills or understanding of addiction to convince him to get help from the professionals who had a greater understanding of the disease he was battling.
We finally sought guidance from Linda and from that point forward we started to all move towards a healthier lifestyle. Linda convinced our son who was reluctant to go into treatment. She then supported our entire family as we all started the healing process. Linda is teaching us to stop living in denial, to stop enabling and to support the recovery process. At our parent group someone called Linda the “Addict Whisperer”. This very much describes Linda. She has given us hope in the power of resilience and strength of spirit.”
Grateful anonymous family


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