Story 16/25 Survivor: Shannon Tucker

What makes me a survivor ??

From a very young age I learned I needed to be a survivor. At the of age two, I was taken from my family, and placed in the foster care system. I am a survivor of abuse, neglect, and loss of family and identity. I was a teen mom who struggled with poverty, lack of supports, judgments from others, as well I struggled with mental health, and addiction. My addiction prevailed at 23, and I ended up entrenched in the DTES. I survived, addiction, self hatred, guilt, shame, a lack of belonging in the world, homelessness, assaults, and loss of child due to my addiction. I have since survived the loss of my mother to lung cancer, my father currently is living with lung cancer, and the loss many I loved this last year due to addiction.

Today I am clean, I celebrated 5 years this past August.
Despite all the grief, loss and sadness this last year I have continued to move forward in my journey of self and God. Today I work with woman still in the grips of addiction in the DTES. I share my experience, strength and hope with those who want to get clean, and find a new way to live. I also work with teen girls who are in ministry care. I feel passionate about what I do, and how my life story, and all I have survived may help others. Today I love my life and the woman I have become. Today I practice the spiritual principles of a 12 step program that has saved my life. I am a mother, grandmother, daughter, friend and partner.

I have survived
and today I am free

Shannon Tucker

Support Worker @ DTES
Caregiver Ministry of children and Family Services
Associate Counsellor for Linda Lane Interventions On Demand


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