4000 people attended this years RecoveryDayBC and it was profound in so many ways. The festivities made the day stand out for everyone who was present. Some said they feel “Full” of hope and “Safe”. There were recovering addicts sharing their entrepreneurial ideas and services that demonstrated their hard work on the belief that they can rise above addiction and conquer their own lives.

Community passers by were in awe that there were so many of us and they too appeared very safe with us all. I personally spent the night before in the spirit of Christmas Eve and Santa was coming!!!

With over 50 booths from treatment services , recovery apps, Kid zone , recovery resources and educational moments , we all were there to celebrate life. I was asked to speak at the speakers tent and shared at the beginning of the day on a topic dear to so many ( Our Youth) There was a mom in the seats listening and in tears as I assumed her life was impacted by the love and possible loss of her loved one.

There was so many things going on you honestly would want a few days to experience it all.The Talent was stellar and BifNaked so graciously sharing herself with us all. and many other amazing talents throughout the day.

And yet for some it was bittersweet to finally be acknowledged for the power of recovery and how we are sometimes the unspoken world that Health does not see. I wish Perry Kendall himself would have come to see it with his very own eyes as his job must be hard dealing with addiction from a chronic disease lens.

CCSA in partnership with the National Recovery Advisory Committee conducted its first survey on recovery and wanting to hear from people that are in recovery , We were really happy they were there to share the results.

In all we are satisfied and will keep the fire burning for recovery as there is more to do and we that are advocates for recovery are not done yet. We want the world to know there is hope.

To all the organizers  volunteers I commend you in 1000 ways!!


#interventions #wedorecover #recoverydaybc



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