#RecoveryDayBC #Intervention #wedorecover

Interventions On Demand, Ware Interventions and Pacific Interventions a collaboration of Intervention Professionals and their great teams will share a booth and a community of practice with anyone who wants to know how to help a loved one, there are over 50 booths at the festival and the opportunity to talk to parents, friends , passers by and talk about what recovery is how we can help. We also all share a common bond of our own personal journeys , I do not think I will sleep tonight.

The amount of people asking where is it? who can come? what do I wear? lol the night before is the anticipation that Recovery day is about to get real!!

Thank you to all the organizers for the hard work and dedication in breaking the stigma of addiction and including us all.  I was at a community gathering last night and witnessed two intervened on clients in the room with smiles on their faces ; (as they were not necessarily smiling the day we met and understandably so) I took a picture of each outside and sent it to their moms. The parents were ecstatic ,so happy and they were going to sleep that night.

This is why I feel blessed

Sleep tight and hope you can come say hi and share your recovery with us.







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