#RecoveryDayBC #intervention

So excited RecoveryDayBC is one week away

Interventions On Demand

When Recovery Day Vancouver declared by our cities officials and included the opportunity to have a street festival in New Westminster this year I was proud, inspired and became very excited on what I can do to be part of.

With September 10th 2016 vast approaching it begs the question why do we celebrate?

Recovery is an expression of hard work, higher consciousness, discipline, awareness that there was a problem to fix and the ability to be proud about it. We look at recovery as a process and I always describe it as living life two steps forward and one step back. The word “recovery” so applicable to what we endured. This helps me understand that accepting and participating in life today with out destroying myself is the way to go and the best decision I can make.

I love that recovery is described in many ways and that their…

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