As I truck down the path of Intervening and guiding families; you realize that moment when all you want to hear is, I will go to treatment. My heart beats a mile a minute, my anxiety is heightened , my breath is short and my drive is compelling to use every counselling skill I have mustered to help this family.

I love what I do.

Tonight I witness a client taking his 6 months clean and his mother is beaming with pride and he is so excited and we are there to praise his efforts. He is a great kid and has worked very hard for this. He continues to care enough of what his family felt to do the next right thing. He is starting to believe that recovery is alright, he was not convinced in the beginning and he still has days he questions what he missed out on. Amazing is an understatement to the young that did not need to hit the skids to make a change. But even skid row addicts can get hope and recover because that was me 20 years ago.

Interventions are the ability to help with this process, I tell people it is like driving towards tornadoes because every individual is a person in pain and every family is trying to address the elephant in the room. We come from love and mostly know that that person was their baby, infant, child.   I believe that we can reach people from Love. It is very powerful to know that you are loved when all you feel is unworthy and your addiction has stripped most of the dignity that you learned, so you then learn to lie, cheat , steal and that is the power of addiction. But Recovery is more powerful.

We do this work because we know first hand the pain it takes to make that decision and we also know that the process to heal is about to begin and that it will take a lot of help and guidance to engage, inspire, motivate the addict to stay the course and see the true benefits of saving their own life.


Today I am Thankful





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