We tend to drift where the eyes focus. Race car drivers learn that if you want to cross the finish line, never ever take your eyes off the goal line. Look at the wall and you will hit the wall. I believe everything is that way. If we focus on where we are lacking, what others appear to have that we want? We run the danger of being deeply ungrateful, and that can be an extraordinarily defeating way to live.

Unity is an Action word and so is being Thankful for what recovery does in our lives. We want our peeps to stay in recovery and do the next right thing and we support them by bringing people to together to demonstrate that life can be better.

Recovery Day is coming soon and we are excited to inspire, celebrate and grieve the losses as well. That makes anyone who has experienced addiction thankful in itself. But truly what does an attitude of unity and being thankful mean.

We have all kinds of ways to be thankful and many things to be grateful for that we might not even notice. The next time you go to complain, I challenge you to think of the blessing that inconvenience really is. I do this myself when I hear complaints and grumblings coming out of my mouth.I take inventory and try to be right sized but for this recovering person I also know that it is a work in progress.

A very wise woman said to me `{God loves you just the way you are but loves you enough not to leave you that way.] coincidence her name was Grace.

Come out September 10th and meet very real people and enjoy the gift of being thankful.








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