The BCCS operates in a live database environment. Some data for more recent years are based on preliminary circumstances and is subject to change as investigations are concluded.

Data are not directly comparable to published counts from previous years.


  • There were 371 apparent illicit drug overdose deaths from January to June 2016.
  • This is a 74.2% increase over the number of death occurring during the same period in 2015 (213)
  • From January to June 2016, an average of 61.8 apparent illicit drug overdose death occurred each month •
  • Preliminary data suggest that individuals aged 20-29 and 30-39 have accounted for the largest percentage of illicit drug overdose deaths in January – June 2016 (23.2% and 31.3%, respectively).
  • Males accounted for 81.1% of apparent illicit drug overdose deaths in January – June 2016 •
  • Top three townships where fatal illicit drug overdoses occurred in 2007-2016, were Vancouver, Surrey, and Victoria •
  • Preliminary data for January 01 – May 31, 2016, suggest that the proportion of illicit drug overdose deaths for which fentanyl was detected (alone or in combination with other drugs) increased to approximately 60% in 2016.
  • In previous years, the proportion was: o 2012 = 5% o 2013 = 15% o 2014 = 25% o 2015 = 31% BC Coroners Service Illicit


Its a critical time for Canadians to ask the question- What is our 4 Pillar Approach really focused on. Because we haven’t heard that them for a few years. The Health Care Budget can only do so much but what is the ratio of spending on each Pillar? I think its safe to say that Government Funded Treatment has not had an increase in twenty years so where does it go. Enforcement says they don’t get anymore increases. So where does it go?

We have a national crisis and no communication to the public on the plan, very minimal communication and very strict criteria for access. It makes you wonder how the burden of health care always goes back to the family.

The families that I talk to everyday are needing counselling themselves on how to deal with their loved ones using drugs and the kids themselves are learning skills to survive and it is not getting better.

It would be interesting to see how Prevention is doing besides Bus Stand ads saying don’t use fentanyl . Most drug users that use say they don’t think it will happen to them and they know that they are using what is killing others and they want it. I talk to a 19 year old girl every week that says she doesn’t care anymore because there is no treatment. So she lives on the street and pan handles for the cheaper route of fentanyl.

Its time to say how we really feel




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